At Coach Elle, we have several workshops to meet your needs.


Coprov is coaching and improv together. In this workshop, you will do improv games and exercises that are designed to increase your confidence, improve your communication and amp up your creativity.

For the coaching part of the workshop, I use solution focused techniques to facilitate a mind shift. I do this by asking powerful questions that are developed to get you out of your routine style of thinking so that you can see new perspectives and resources. Rather than instruct or advise, I elicit the skills, creativity, and resources that you already have, but because of problematic patterns of thinking you just don’t know that you have them yet.

Improv Your Morning

I started Improv Your Morning because I noticed how energized and creative I am after improv class. But classes are usually at night and I found it difficult to fall asleep because of how energized I was. One day, I was walking to work and I was like, “It would be awesome to do improv in the morning!”

Improv in the morning will allow you to experience the energizing and creative aftereffects of improv throughout the rest of your day!

You don’t need any prior improv experience and if you’re feeling slightly terrified at the very thought of improv, then, congratulations, you’re normal!

“Say yes and you’ll figure it out afterwards.” -Tina Fey

Custom Solutions

We can design custom workshops for businesses, mental health organizations, government agencies, and schools.

Please contact us at to discuss your organization’s needs.