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We put you in the driver's seat so that you can go places you never imagined possible.

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I used to think that I wasn’t enough. I thought that I was stupid, a loser, and that I was taking up space on this earth that could be used by someone other than me. I came to a point in my life where I saw two doors: one that lead to no life and one that lead to everything else. I chose the door to everything else.

Now I use the tools and strategies that helped me overcome my self-limiting beliefs to empower women to get on with their life in just the way that feels right.

Michelle Gibson, Founder and Lead Mindset Coach

What we do

At Coach Elle, we take a seriously playful approach to mastering life. We use coaching and improv to learn, unlearn, and discover.

Our unique coaching approach uses solution focused techniques that, wait for it, focus on solutions! This approach also uses visualization, awareness monitoring, and incremental progress to produce a complete shift in mindset. Our clients see immediate results.

We also use improv as tool to increase team cohesion, amp up your creativity skills, improve communication, and enhance confidence.

Why choose us?

I am a visionary who uses my lived experience to create innovative and transformative solutions to tackle today’s mental health crisis. I use coaching and improv to challenge the status quo, facilitate “Aha” moments, and build solutions.

I begin with the end in mind and dive into what’s worked or currently working to facilitate a shift in consciousness.

In terms of the fancy stuff, I have my BSc in Psychology and my MEd in Educational Psychology. I’ve also completed my Solution-Focused Brief Coaching Certificate at the University of Toronto. I’m also an improv instructor at Second City.